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The Training



"The mission is to provide all students with a high-quality education so they may achieve their full potential."


The Training Expo was founded on the premise that every student is a potential graduate.  As an alternative to a 4-year institution, The Training Expo was created by a team of college professors to give those students who did not want to attend a 4-year college the opportunity to gain the skill set needed to advance into a career through industry recognized (global) certification. 

The Training Expo values:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Quality designed programs to fit all types of learners
  • Serving a diverse population
  • Building community and business engagement

Vision Statement

The Training Expo specializes in Strategic Technology Empowerment Program (STEP), that has enabled many people from unemployed and underemployed sector to gain stable and well-paying jobs in the corporate world.

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The Training Expo is authorized by GNPEC, Certiport, NHA, PCTB, AMCA, Microsoft.

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